360° Visualization

Due to exponential growth of data resulted from digitization, the businesses are already facing challenges in terms of performance and capacity. Traditional approaches and methodology for data processing and subsequent decision making report can’t keep pace with these data explosion/big data.Big Data Visualization

Irisidea can help the business stakeholders to visualize/analyze their data in the form of customized reports, charts and other info-graphics media and take strategic business decision using open source distributed data warehouse (e.g. Apache Hive, HBase etc).

Besides, our hand-holding support to accumulate and improved insight of the legacy and enterprise data can do wonder to the business growth. To instill your faith and confidence, our team would love to understand the existing business strategies and scenarios to find out the attributes responsible for pulling the revenue momentum back. Based on the findings, we can design and build a Proof of Concept (POC) for you to try out to let you decide the fully featured customized solution, that suits your business need.