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Mobile Phone Authentication and Fraud

Day by day, we are getting addicted to the mobile phone especially smart phone since smart phone performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touch screen interface, Internet access. With the extensive growth of mobile applications, we can utilize various mobile applications starting from games to financial transaction including stock market brokerage. Many banks have launched their own mobile applications so that customer can download and start financial transactions like balance amount verification, money transfer [...]


Youths from Bhagalpur villages will develop software

Bhagalpur | Jagaran Correspondent | Dainik Jagran, Bhagalpur, Irisidea News   Fateh Help Society, a local NGO had a meeting today with Mr. Bijay, Development Head, North -East India of Irisidea Technologies Private Limited, a Mumbai based software development company. It was decided to work together and create opportunities for the large population of young generation who stay in villages of Bhagalpur and nearby regions and utilize them by providing them free software and website development training and involve them in projects of [...]


Irisidea will start computer education in Bhagalpur.

Prabhat Khabar Correspondent. Bhagalpur | 13-December-2011 | Prabhat Khabar, Bhagalpur, Irisidea News Irisidea Technologies Private Limited, a Mumbai based software development company, will soon start computer education in Bhagalpur. Kislay Komal, MD, Irisidea technologies, broke this news at a press conference held at Bhagalpur yesterday. He updated that, Irisidea Technologies, which started its operation in this city in February 2011, has already started developing the software and website for local businesses and computer education will be a new step forward to enable [...]


Big Data Analytics in Banking Systems

Typically Banking systems are responsible to validate and verify financial transaction data, geo-location data from mobile devices, merchant data, and authorization including submission data. Data from lots of social media channels and Banking’s mainframe data center have a significant challenge to process and deliver final output. The Issue: Legacy systems are incapable of processing the data in when is in motion. Combining all different format of data is together is another challenge like structured, semi- structured and un-structured. Big data Approach:– Big data analytics [...]

Technical Capabilities

Future of Big Data Analysis Using Hadoop

Even though medical sciences are capable of diagnose the diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s etc, these diseases remain still incurable. Because to find the root cause of these diseases, the medical researchers need to analyze patient’s medical records, various supportive information, climatic conditions in which they lived in, across different geographical locations. And these a need a platform where a huge volume of data can be stored and analyzed. Hadoop is a powerful platform that allows us to store huge [...]


Big Data Explosion

After Kerala’s Puttingal Devi Temple fire tragedy, we can visualize sudden data explosion in all digital media. After that tragic incident, huge amount of data are generated in the form of text, voice, photo, video, blogs etc. in internet via social media, news channels, e-news papers and comments, sentiments, various opinions are flooded on whether fire crackers burst should be allowed in devotional places or not. This is a classic example of Big Data where existing traditional software are [...]