Big Data & Hadoop Consulting

What Irisidea can do as part of its big data consulting

Irisidea can help you to achieve effective business decision based on market study, customers’ sentiments etc ‘by utilizing Hadoop framework on big data. We can develop a proof of concept (POC) on Hadoop using the existing/historical business related data of your organization as an initial kick-off. This will give an insight to the existing products’/services trends, penetration, and sentiments in the form of various reports which can be utilized as an input for deciding the future business direction or deviating from existing marketing strategy, if required, to be ahead from the competitors in the same market space.

Social Sentiment Analysis using Hadoop

In today’s world the buyers or consumers are extremely engaged with social media to read or post comments for any commodity starting from food items to a newly lunched vehicle etc. For the company or the provider those having direct relationship with customers, customers’ sentiment analysis is very essential to check the pulse of existing customers to grow and retain them. Irisidea can provide you the social sentiment analysis of customers such as likes, reviews/ratings, comments sharing on Facebook, tweeting over twitter etc. Based on the analyzed reports, you can take the effective decision to accelerate the revenue growth. For example, if customer is not satisfied with your launched product, then stop the production immediately to stop the drainage of financial investment or bring into the changes that customers want to have for the product to be retained in the market.