Data Absorption (Ingestion)

One of the most critical part of big data analytics, Data Absorption or In

Data Ingestion

gestion is the process of moving huge volume of heterogeneous business data from multiple data-sources and accumulate/preserve them in a distributed centralized repository.

With the vast experience that our team has, we can closely work with your technical groups to adopt open source tools/frameworks like Apache Flume, Sqoop, Kafka etc, to execute the continuous transportation of structures and unstructured data movement efficiently to Hadoop Data Lake. 

The Proof-of-Concept (POC) development ideally boosts confidence of stakeholders to adopt the actual solution which can help them find precise direction. Where business strategic decision making process relies on the appropriate technology platforms, keeping in mind the critical nature of the cost, time and resources, a Proof-of-Concept can help to visualize the real gain that an ultimate solutions can provide.
Achieving the​ complete transparency on grayed business use case is very important ​considering the critical role​ the data plays.​ ​

iDropper – The Data Ingestion, Monitoring and Reporting Tool from Irisidea

This futuristic Data Ingestion Tool, not only addresses the challenges/concerns and pain points the businesses’ have, but goes deeper to provide the solution to the real world data ingestion issues.

iDropper ingests the legacy and enterprise data at the same time, into the distributed storage system such as HDFS, third party cloud service provider, traditional data warehousing system or even shuffling into different cluster environment. In simple terms, iDropper is the the Data Ingestion, Monitoring and Reporting Tool, that does the parallel ingestion for all kind of input data patterns efficiently.

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