SQL Server Administration

Database Server Consultancy

We have a well equipped consulting team with Practical Production experience of more than 20 Years in SQL Server tools long term practical production server experience and skills of SQL Server environment. The SQL Server Professionals are certified in SQL Server Development and Administration. We offer Consultancy and Hands-On Master Training in the areas of SQL Server Development and Administration. We always resolve the issues to your out-most satisfaction

Services in Consultancy

  • Auditing of Servers
  • Best Practices Implementation
  • Optimize Installation and Configuration of H/W, O/S, Database Engine
  • Code Reviews
  • Performance Optimization
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Error Fixing
  • Debugging
  • Documentation
  • Feature Implementation
  • Tips and Tricks  etc.

Services in Training:

  • SQL Server Training in Development and Administration (DBA).
  • All Trainings are hands-on, practical business oriented use cases at different levels for beginners (100), Experience up to 5 years (200), More than 5 years (300)


  • H/W , O/S, Engine Configuration
  • Auditing of existing Server,
  • User Authorization and Authentication (Login, Database user, Role) , Access ( Grant, Revoke, Deny),
  • Optimum Placing of files (mdf,ldf), tempdb placement, Use of appropriate RAID, database file size optimization ( initial size, incremental size),
  • Policy based management, auditing
  • Index de-fragmentation ( reorganize,  rebuild)
  • Backup and Restore, Report tools
  • Central management Server, Registered Servers
  • High Availability
  • Clustering, Always-on, Replication, Mirroring, Log Shipping.
  • Performance (Profiler, Extended Events, Performance Monitor)


  • Normalization, Entities, Attributes, Data Modeling (Logical and Physical),
  • Table Creation, Constraints( Check, Unique, Default, Foreign Key) , Appropriate data types,
  • Indexes (Clustered, Non Clustered, Filtered, Include, Columnar)
  • T-SQL Development :  Select, Joins (Inner, Outer, Full, Cross) , GROUP BY,ORDER BY,UNION,INTERSECT,EXCEPT,CROSS APPLY,OUTER APPLY
  • Predicates (Sargable & NON Sargable), Conditional (IF  … ELSE, CASE), Looping ( While)
  • Locks ( Blocking and Deadlocks), Transaction Isolation levels ,
  • RANKING Functions , CDC, Change Tracking, Auditing, XML, Execution plan analysis
  • Tracing and Extended Events
  • Optimized Code Development delivering right code first time and all the time ,
  • Memory OLTP, Columnar Index, Temporal Tables, Row level  Security, Encrypt Database, Query Cost, Query Statistics, Stretch Database
  • DO’s and DONT’s, Tips and Tricks SSMS configuration and optimization

SQL Server Capabilities

  • Infrastructure Purchase
  • H/W configuration, O/S configuration, SQL Server Configuration for Optimization
  • General Check includes auditing of the existing server
  • Performance Tuning
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Health Check
  • Remote DBA Service
  • Advanced T-SQL Development Service
  • Stored Procedure optimization , Index Auditing, Fixing Index Issues , Execution plan analysis , wait analysis
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Baseline
  • Feature Implementation like CDC, Encrypt database, Resource Governor, Always-on, Clustering, Policies, Extended Events, Memory OLTP, Columnar Indexing, Compression , Import /Export etc.