Bring Your Business Online

We make use of technology to innovate and generate business-focused solutions for your business needs. We facilitate transition of businesses from traditional business models to e-business models and help them in becoming modern enterprises.

To be successful with e-business, your company needs a web site that can communicate with customers, promote products, and securely handle business transactions. It also requires the ability to efficiently deliver maximum performance to a highly variable number of users.

We provide e-commerce solutions which allows you to customize e-business for the rapid construction and deployment of database-driven store-fronts while meeting your goals. It can be used by businesses to sell directly to consumers (B2C) or to other businesses (B2B), thus maximizing the profits by focusing on increasing revenue.

Transform Your Business With Us

End-to-End E-Commerce Consulting 

We are confident of creating a shared vision, strategy for your successful e-commerce business. Managing your existing e-commerce business is becoming critical day by day without allowing participation of latest digital tools/platforms in your existing e-commerce business. We help you with complete technical design, development, execution with end to end functional/automation testing with zero tolerance defects to make sure your e-commerce business achieved right goal.

E-Commerce Development Life Cycle

Irisidea use a proven and tested approach for the delivery and implementation of successful E-Commerce & retail solutions.  Our approach leverages the best aspects of both Rational Unified Process (RUP) and agile software development processes. We incorporate all the rigor of a RUP approach in regards to upfront planning and design as well as the flexibility and continuous feedback cycles with accumulation of an agile approach. This, in our experience, results in a final solution that better meets the overall business needs.

Irisidea team follows a proven, “Agile” (iterative) approach to project management in order to give your project maximum flexibility, without sacrificing predictability. This eliminates costly risks and backtracking issues often associated with standard “waterfall” software development processes.

Irisidea's E-Commerce Capabilities

We are software professionals with tremendous technical skills in various E-Commerce platforms including and not limited to Oracle Web Commerce (Oracle-ATG Commerce)DemandWare Cloud Commerce and Magneto Commerce Platform, which can be leveraged to create or Upgrade your existing e-commerce site with latest cutting-edge digital marketing, review sharing, order fulfilment, social media tool etc. to accelerate revenue towards higher value.

With a combined team of more than 50 man years of experience Irisidea believes there is no substitute to experience.

We bring to the table the E-Commerce expertise with a vision to have complete development and support cycle coverage. E-Commerce partnerships and services from us ensure bug free signed off application.

E-Commerce Features - B2B and B2C

Below are some of the commonly used E-Commerce Features we implement as part of our solutions and services. For exhausted list please get in touch with us.

E-Commerce B2B & B2C Features
Custom Site Design Checkout Market & Competitive Research
Shopping Cart Taxation Framework Personalization Strategy
Merchandising Site Management Security
User Engagement Organic search engine optimization (SEO) Various electronic payment system, gift card, store value
Cloud based CRM Inventory assessment for pre and back order submission Consumer/end user address, email verification assessment
Product Management Order Management Analytics Framework