• E-Commerce Solutions - Oracle Web Commerce(Oracle-ATG)
  • E-Commerce Solutions - Oracle Web Commerce(Oracle-ATG)


Oracle Web Commerce (Oracle-ATG) Platform

Oracle Web Commerce (Formally Known as Oracle-ATG Commerce) Platform is a complete e-commerce suite which can be leveraged to transform your traditional way of doing business of buying/selling products from different channel into a comprehensive e-commerce marketplace. In a nutshell, online buying experience to your each customer. To enhance or create your branding in e-commerce arena, Oracle Web Commerce or Oracle-ATG Commerce is an excellent platform/framework where all the commerce related activities can be performed and the buying-selling processes can be smartly automated to achieve the business goal in a quick time efficiently.

On top of it, you as a business owner have the full control to customize every single component in the platform/frame work as per your business requirements.  Out of the box features like Personalization, Order submission, Inventory, Pricing, Taxation, Order fulfilment modules etc. make Oracle Web Commerce Platform easy to use and help businesses time to market. 

What Oracle Web Commerce offers the merchants:

  • Build and control their site with business and technical administration tools and a rich development environment.
  • Display products and promotional information, process orders, and display order status.
  • Personalize content for each visitor, tailoring the experience to meet their individual needs.
  • Pricing, tax, shipping, promotions and other costs and accept multiple payment types such as credit card, gift cards, and credits.
  • Interface with existing order management and fulfilment systems to deliver digital and physical goods.
  • Visitor collaboration from login, navigation and search to order processing and account maintenance.

Application Development Services - Oracle Web Commerce (Oracle-ATG) PlatformApplication Development Services - Oracle Web Commerce

Application Deployment Services - Oracle Web Commerce (Oracle-ATG) Platform

Irisidea offers Oracle-ATG System Administrator Services from managed and remote location. System Administrators are responsible for managing the Oracle-ATG commerce application’s ongoing operation, in terms of restarting servers, backing up, deploying content, making changes to a running application, etc.

Administering Oracle-ATG Applications on Jboss, Weblogic

Administering Oracle-ATG Applications on Jboss, Weblogic

On Demand Infrastructure Components and Standards - Managed Services 

  • JBoss, Weblogic Application Server
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Oracle Database Servers
  • Systems monitoring and Operational Management Platform
  • Traffic reporting / Google Analytics
  • Subversion code management/version control system
  • BUGZILLA bug tracking system
  • Automated deployments using Hudson, SVN and ANT scripts.

Oracle Web Commerce (Oracle-ATG) Capabilities of Irisidea

Oracle - ATG Commerce Capabilities

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