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  • Business Process Automation & ERP
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Apartment Management System

Apartment Sathi - Apartment Management SystemApartment Management System (www.apartmentsathi.com) is a centralized on-line solution developed on SaaS based model, that automates the existing management system for the housing society and enables members of the society to remotely manage the society related work and communicate with each other.

Purpose of this application to provide an automated solution for the management, collaboration and efficient maintenance & running of day to day operations of Housing Societies.


CarpoolGlobal.com - The online carpooling application

Carpooling- www.carpoolglobal.comwww.carpoolglobal.com is an initiative to promote carpooling to help fight global warming. By opting carpooling, people can save fuel, reduce traffic congestion, check pollution, make friends, reduce wear and tear on the cars so less maintenance etc..

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Material Testing Manager

Material Testing ManagerAn intuitive, interactive and automated suite for management of all types of material testing carried out in civil construction area.


Marine Shipping Analytics
Marine Shipping Analytics

An application for forwarding agencies in logistics.



EIMS: Educational Institute Management Software

Educational Institute Management SystemA comprehensive integrated software solution for all kinds of educational institutes. 




Bhagalpur Classifieds, Bhagalpur News, bhagalpur Directories, Bhagalpur Events, Bhagalpur Tourisms, Ang tourismThe culture, language, history, cuisines, festivals, tourism etc. of 'Anga' region, that covers the regions around Bhagalpur in Bihar,India.People of 'Anga' can post free classifieds to buy/sell their products and services. By listing their business, they can attract more customers.




Bihar Classifieds, Bihar Business Directories, Bihar News, Bihar Tourism, Bihar EventsOnlineBihar.com provides an on-line classifieds ads and business listing platform along with the latest news and information to the people of Bihar, India.




Kharghar Classifieds, Kharghar News, Kharghar Business Directories, Kharghar Events, Kharghar TourismKhargharOnline provides an online classifieds ads and business listing platform to the residents of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.



Chamber OF Commerce Member Subscription Management

It automates the existing system to enroll, manage and renew the membership subscription for Raigad Chamber of Commerce (RCCI).


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